Pookie & Sebastian, Breaking into Fashion in New York City

 When it comes to cities with great fashion, look no further than the “Big Four”. These are the unsurprising leaders in the global industry of fashion, not only because they have put out some of the most influential and exciting designers and fashion trends, but also because they have long been a mecca of sorts for people in all positions within the industry. The Big Four cities in fashion—of the 20th century—are Paris, Milan, London, and of course, New York. Despite other cities recently stepping in—Seoul, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, and Los Angeles—New York has solidified its place in the fashion industry with the same industrious and inspiring vision that made the United Sates great in the first place.
Pookie and Sebastian
Located in New York City, Pookie and Sebastian has been operating for more than 18 years as one of city’s trendiest and most fashion-forward boutiques there is. They started out as a discounter in upstate New York, buying branded goods to keep in stock in their stores. They next shifted into their own label, Pookie & Sebastian, and started opening up multiple stores throughout New York City. There are four locations in Manhattan and two in the surrounding suburbs.

For those looking to get involved in the fashion world from the ground up, Pookie & Sebastian New York is the perfect place to learn and grow. They are looking for high-energy individuals with great personalities and an operation oriented work ethic that can grow and evolve in one of the fastest growing industries on the planet. Pookie and Sebastian Clothing may not be the biggest boutique chain in the city, but they are far from small. They have gained a huge following and are well respected amongst the fashionista of New York for their modern style and chic stores. They have had sales associates work hard and move up in the company to become area coordinators with much more influence and responsibility within the company.

As owner of Pookie and Sebastian, Kevin Matuszak says, “working in the industry, you never ever get bored. It is forever changing. Not only is the fashion changing, the people are changing, the social media craze is changing; every day is something new.” This fast paced world is something that the modern fashion industry has been thriving on.  It is not enough to keep up to date on the latest fashion trends anymore. You have to work hard to stay ahead of the game because these days what was in style last season is nearly laughable only a few months later.


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